Dear Parents / Guardians and Swimmers,


It is with great sadness that I am writing to you today, to inform you of the official closure of Oyster Bay Swim School Ltd.


Unfortunately, it is no longer tenable for our swim school to operate out of Oyster Bay Community Swimming Pool.


The initial hope was an immediate relocation, however as you can imagine this is not an easy task with private swimming pools not being in abundance within our local community.


Oyster Bay is now in the process of trying to procure new premises and is on the waiting list for several local sites who are due to review their pool programming in 2018.


Due to Oyster Bay Swim School being unable to provide swimming lessons for this term, all paying customers will receive a full refund. Please note the following;


  • All swimmers that paid via the website using a card payment have been refunded today (21st September 2017). Our online provider has informed me that it can take up to 10 working days for this refund to appear in your account.


  • For swimmers that have paid via BACs please can I request the following; an email (not phone call or text) to including the following information; Name of Swimmer, Date of transaction, Account Number and Sort Code.


I fully appreciate the inconvenience caused and will endeavour to refund within the next 14 working days.


My greatest concern is now the loss of a provision for the swimmers within the local community. With so many dedicated families, a history of remarkable swimmer achievements and years of hard work, I am devastated by this abrupt departure. Despite this, I am still very aware of the strong and talented teachers that have worked for me at Oyster Bay, that all our swimmers should still have access to. I have now had chance to meet with my team and the following teachers, who have access to other pools in the area would like to offer their services during this interim period.


  • Adam Prebble 07411 735 410
  • Oakley Jones 07801 506 925
  • Luisa Oddone 07450 332 914
  • Connor Reynolds 07539 561 369
  • Sandra Fitzpatrick 07966 198 933
  • Helen Robinson 07789 198 929
  • Emma Phillips 07912 417 671
  • Jackie 07940 037 947
  • Kaan Gungor 07464 609 877


Please can I politely remind customers that the above are the personal numbers of my teachers and ask that contact is made during reasonable working hours.


May I take this opportunity to offer my sincerest gratitude for your continued support and understanding. I am truly grateful of all that Oyster Bay has achieved in the last 5 years and feel truly privileged to have seen so many swimmers flourish, overcome fears, grow in confidence and achieve so much.


I am remaining hopefully of an alternative site and will inform all customers if we are successful.


Wishing all families, the very best.


Kind Regards





Vicky Whorlow

Oyster Bay Swim School Director